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If you are unable to physically write and mail a letter, feel free to email us a typed version at To cover the cost of postage, please make a donation to our GoFundMe below. 

After writing and sending your letter, please let us know by visiting our "tracking" tab.  



Guidelines for letters each prison are detailed in the "Letters To Political Prisoner" section of our site. 


  • Follow the guidelines we have linked under each incarcerated individual's name. General guidance: Please write or type your correspondence on white, 8.5 x 11 inches paper to ensure your letter is not rejected.

  • Use the mailing address exactly as it is shown on this site.

  • Every letter you write can be read by the guards, so don’t write anything that might incriminate yourself or others. Do not write about illegal activities. 

  • These are letters that serve as a source of human connection. Avoid writing a “Hero letter” for your safety and the safety of the person receiving your letter. 

  • Don’t make promises you can't keep. Whether it be promising books, commissary money, etc.  – breaking promises is not in line with supporting the imprisoned person.

  • Avoid sending any contentious political material as it can cause the imprisoned person issues with the prison. 

  • If you want to send books, all books must be new, paperback, and come directly from the publisher or an online distributor.

  • Do your research on the person you are writing a letter to before you start writing.

  • Be okay with not getting a reply.

What Should I Write?
Starting your first letter can be difficult, especially if you are writing to someone you don’t personally know. You may be worried that what you write might sound stupid, or make the prisoner feel worse, or you simply can’t think of anything. You can simply start by telling them about yourself, what you do, what you’re into, where you got their address and so on.  Apart from that, just fill a side of paper with whatever you can think of – a hike you took, a class you took, the last movie you saw, or pretty much anything!
They are people too. While many appreciate robust political discussions, they are also happy with letters about books, hobbies, poetry, food, etc. 
Imprisoned persons are dynamic with varied interests and parts of themselves they’d probably like to share while in a place that is designed to strip them of their humanity.


I’m Not Sure I Can Manage A Full Letter…
That is okay! A quick message of support on a postcard can brighten up someone’s day. Consider taking a card to a meeting, a family gathering or a protest where everyone can sign it! Keeping it simple is OK. 


Sample Letter:

Dear Veronza Bowers,


My name is ___. I am a lover of homemade meals, hiking, and just graduated from college. College was a tough four years, but I'm glad to say that it was not a complete waste of time. I made so many friends, learned a lot about biology (my major) as well as social issues.

I know you do not know me,  I am writing to say thank you for your leadership and sacrifice. You laid the foundation for work that, unfortunately, must continue today. In 2020 we are hitting the streets on behalf of Black men, women, and children who have been killed at the hands of police. 


Our recent demonstrations across American cities have sparked protests and demonstrations across the world: France, Denmark, Italy, Syria, Brasil, Mexico, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, and Australia.

To stay informed, I am reading the work of Angela Davis among other scholars. To spread the word, I have used platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. 

Thank you again for your contributions.

With love,


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